The Election Is Set

10/22/20231 min read

The Palos Verdes Homes Association’s (PVHA) annual election is only 2.5 months away and the candidates are now set. There are 4, self-appointed incumbents running and four challengers.

As one of the four challenges I wanted to share a few of the key beliefs/priorities that myself, Kim Rhodes, and Chiaju Lin share.

1. The PVHA needs to take a more active role in the City Housing Element discussion and how we deal with the state of California housing laws. The current board seems to have taken no action on this issue and should be leading our community opposition. Where are they?

2. The PVHA should be playing a more active role in protecting views and tree management policy. Kim, ChiaJu and I would would work to redefine the current policy. We all love trees and do not support clear cutting- but views are important and one of the founding principals of the city.

3. The current board is composed of members who appointment themselves and have never won an election. This is undemocratic and wrong. We need a board that represents the members and not themselves. The candidates who receive the most votes should be allowed to serve. There is nothing in the PVHA bylaws to prevent this. Please get the word out and vote when you receive your ballot. If you do not receive your ballot contact the PVHA ( immediately.