Welcome to Brian's, Kim, and ChiaJu's Palos Verdes Homes Association (PVHA) Campaign

Residents are no longer represented by an elected board. This has led to decisions by the board that do not consider the best interests of the members:

  • Increased fees on members while wasting thousands of dollars each month on legal fees.

  • An inefficient Art Jury approval process that increases member costs and reduces home values.

  • Cut employee benefits while proclaiming "things have never been better." This puts the service members receive at risk when employee retention is impacted.

  • Signing contracts with vendors (lawyers, accountants) without getting competing bids. This increases costs and wastes member money.

  • Not allowing members to inspect nomination papers for the past two elections and refusing to answer if they (board) collected the required signatures. Did all of the candidates follow the rules?

  • Not allowing members to review Association documents as required by law. Worse, Association resources are wasted trying to block access to documents all members are entitled to inspect

  • Lack of effort to preserve the the original covenants that help maintain the unique character of Palos Verdes Estates & Miraleste. The PVHA should be leading the effort to fight state interference in local issues.

Contact: brian@brian4pvha.com

Support our campaign: https://gofund.me/18553065

About Brian's PVHA Campaign

Like many in our community I'm disappointed with how the PVHA is run. Things I'd work to implement if elected:

  1. View protection.

  2. Transparency. All PVHA board meetings should be open to members just as the Articles of Incorporation state. All documents and records should be open to member inspection.

  3. Open Participation. Members should be allowed to comment and participate in all meetings and agenda items.

  4. Reduction or removal of quorum & open elections. Board members should not be able to appoint themselves and grade their own homework period.

the sun is setting over the ocean with rocks in the foreground
the sun is setting over the ocean with rocks in the foreground