PVHA Cuts Employee Retirement

Brian P

6/11/20231 min read

1 U.S.A dollar banknotes
1 U.S.A dollar banknotes

During the March board meeting the PVHA Board decided to cut employee retirement contributions. Ironically, this was done a few minutes after the Treasurer proclaimed that the PVHA fund balance was significantly higher than last year and that the Corp's finances were in good order. An organization's life blood and true value comes from its employees- especially in the current economic environment where good talent is either difficult to find or expensive (or both). Our PVHA staff of Savery, Jim, and Milet is no exception- we are lucky to have them and they are a true asset to the PVHA.

Employee benefits and compensation should always be the last place anyone looks for cost cut savings- not the first. Our HOA fund is also growing year over year and month over month. We have plenty of money to pay for stuff-- especially if we avoid making bad (expensive) legal decisions.