PVHA Board Meetings- Communism in America

Brian P

6/13/20231 min read

people holding flags during daytime
people holding flags during daytime

Since moving to Palos Verdes Estates I've attended more PVHA meetings than anyone else except the current board and maybe our office manager. Unlike most public meetings, our board of directors doesn't allow members to comment or offer feedback on agenda items. In fact, members are not allowed to participate in any way except for a 3 minute comment period at the end of the meeting. In this way, the current board could propose something at a meeting, discuss it, and vote without hearing any comments from members. Meetings run in this manner are more common in China, Cuba, and Russia. Combined with a board that gets to appoint itself and grade its own homework and you have pure authoritarianism.

If elected to the board I will immediately propose:

  1. Allow members to comment and participate in all meetings and agenda items.

  2. Allow members to propose agenda items by an online survey.

  3. Record all meetings and post the recording on the association's website.