Last Year's PVHA Board Candidates. Did they collect the required signatures?

Brian P

6/28/20231 min read

To run a for a PVHA board seat a candidate must collect 25 signatures to secure their name on the ballot. This is noted in the PVHA’s Bylaws and specifically a document called “Election Rules Resolution 190”. Last year there were four candidates who ran in the election and had their names on the ballot.

After the election results were announced a few members of the PVHA requested access to the nomination papers of those who ran in the election under Corp. Code, Section 8333. After ignoring our requests for over a month the PVHA responded via email saying “we don’t have them (the nomination papers)”. At a June 21 2023 board meeting I addressed the board and asked again for access to the nomination papers. I also asked if the board (the same board members who stood in the previous election) had collected the signatures required by the corporation’s bylaws. They ignored my question.

Elections and transparency are very important in our state and country. Did these board members put their names on our corporation’s ballots without following the proper nominating process? Did the PVHA spend thousands of dollars printing and mailing ballots for an election that had no valid candidates? These are serious but fair questions. Members deserve answers.