Hiding Nomination papers

Brian P

10/28/20231 min read

To get your name on the PVHA ballot one must collect signatures (from other members) and submit them to the PVHA by the first Monday in October. Seems simple enough. On October 3 2023 I requested access to the signature pages of all nominees. I did this because last year the board said "we don't have them" when asked if a group of us could see the nomination papers. This year, the response was a bit different.

"In compliance with the law, the association will not be releasing the petition signatures for any candidate. To ensure impartiality, office staff tables the responsibility of independently verifying and validating each candidates signatures."

So there you have it. Keep in mind that this is likely not in compliance with law or the PVHA's own bylaws, what is the PVHA hiding? Did someone not follow the rules?

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