Address to the PVE City Council

Brian P

6/28/20231 min read

I read the below statement at the City Council meeting June 27th 2023.

"I emailed all of you back in April about the Mutual Benefit Corp that helps run this city. Specifically, I asked you to help encourage the PVHA to:

1. Allow public comment and participation at all monthly meetings and on agenda items. They do not.

2. Allow members to access association documents and records as required under both the PVHA’s articles of association and the California Corporation Code (section 8333). They don’t.

3. Encourage the PVHA to pursue all available means to get a quorum and hold an election in which votes are cast, counted, and the candidates with the most votes are declared winners. They do not pursue all available means and this is a conscious choice. No one’s hands are tied.

Michael (Kemps) replied to my email and I sent him several data points regarding these items.

What I am here today to speak about is something additional that has arisen. Something much more basic.

In last years PVHA election there were 4 candidates on the ballot. These 4 candidates went on to self appoint themselves after, spoiler alert, we didn’t get a quorum for the 14th time in a row. In March of this year a few members began asking to take a look at these candidates ballot nomination papers. For a few months the PVHA ignored the request. In late May, they responded saying of the nomination papers, we don’t have them.” On June 21st I asked the board directly if the had valid nomination papers, had they gathered the required signatures. They ignored my question.

I don’t know if these candidates who are still on the board bothered to follow their own election rules. It does seem odd that they wont answer this simple question. Did they get the signatures they were required? Did we have any valid candidates in the election? Did the PVHA pay thousands of dollars for an election with no candidates

When you meet with them I hope you will ask them about this question yourself I know , I know. You have no authority over what the PVHA does or doesn’t do. But Like me, you are all members of this corporation that helps run the city. Our voices matter. thank You "